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Act of Nutrition is a full-service nutrition program with weekly group meetings focused on goal-setting for weight management and wellness. Our wellness program focuses on helping you to meet your wellness goals, with an emphasis on the four-core components: nutrition, movement, stress management and sleep.  We also offer a variety of individual programs for those who need more personalized attention. Offering our services at Seascape Sports Club allows us to help you find the right group activity class for you! Based on current scientific research and recommendations, our programs are designed to help you move from knowledge to desirable behavior change.
Initiation to Weight Loss and Wellness


Our monthly program includes weekly group meetings with a Registered Dietitian. A complete body measurement evaluation will be conducted with meetings focused on goal-setting and follow-up. Current topics in nutrition will be discussed with ideas on how to implement changes towards better health outcomes. In the last meeting, we will prepare a healthful meal together!


Seascape Sports Club Members

     1 month/3 month: $175/$450


     1 month/3 months: $230/$600


Beyond the Program: Maintenance or "Back on Track"

​For those who want to continue with follow-up beyond the initial three months, a monthly service is available. The fee includes one complete body measurement and weekly group meetings.


Seascape Sports Club Members




Ala Carte Services


Private nutrition assessment

Private follow-up nutrition assessment

Virtual communication

Grocery shopping tour

Panty/refrigerator evaluation

3-day nutrient analysis

Body composition measurements 

Contact us for pricing

Nutrition Classes


Classes are offered with every weekly meeting as a part of your program.


Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

Labels Revealed

Portion Distortion

Moving with Purpose

Brain Health

Paleomythic Eating 

Eating for a Better Gut:

Stretch Meditation

Stress and Sleep Management

Metabolic Syndrome


Cost: included in wellness program


Information Tracking

Keeping track of wellness activities and meeting daily goals are key components to your success. You will be asked to keep a journal and to use a pedometer/fitness tracker. Options for fitness tracking include Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, Garmin Vivofit, Jawbone and a variety of fitness apps.


Best Fitness Trackers (2017):

Group Fitness Classes


Fitness is a key component to any  weight management and wellness program. Seascape Sports Club offers an extensive group fitness program to meet your needs from A(qua) to Z(umba). Included in your initiation package (for up to 3 months) is access to our general group fitness program. Upon initiation, you will be provided with recommendations for classes to meet your needs.


Cost: included in initiation package

See below for more information.


Sports Nutrition Counseling

Sports nutrition counseling assesses your nutrient needs based on the intensity, frequency and duration of your activities. Using the most current scientific information, we work together to determine a meal plan and supplementation to best meet your needs.






Fitness Classes


Seascape Sports Club (SSC) Group Fitness, under the management of Denise Russo of AON offers the following classes, from A to Z:


Body Sculpt

Boot Camp 



Masters Swim





Monthly Group Fitness Fee applies:

Members SSC:

     $5 drop-in

     $12 monthly


     $25 drop-in

     $70 Non-members


*Classes with special fees are not included.


Fitness Schedule


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