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Dr. Denise is a professional educator whose focus is on learning to make lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness through nutrition and fitness. She recognizes and supports that we are all unique and our plans need to be personalized to our food and fitness preferences and our body type. Current services focus on setting and achieving goals. 
Food and Fitness Team


These monthly accountability groups provide team support and weekly tips and Q&A with Dr. Denise

Cost: $50 for 4 weeks

Available as a private FB group or in WhatsApp


Fitness Fun

Fitness is a key component to any  weight management and wellness program. Dr. Denise teaches weekly fitness classes at local clubs. She also livestreams and shares videos of her own personal workouts.

Each participant is encouraged to find what is fun to them so that they engage in "play" almost every day.


Food and Fitness Challenge


These monthly accountability groups include that the team sets measurable goals and compete against each other to meet the goals. Dr. Denise provides weekly tips, Q&A and an individual message for each participant.

Cost: $75 for 4 weeks


Available as a private FB group or in WhatsApp


Beyond the Challenge

​For those who want to continue with follow-up beyond the challenge, consider joining a Fun and Fitness Team.

Information Tracking

Keeping track of wellness activities and meeting daily goals are key components to your success. You are encouraged to keep a journal and to use a pedometer/fitness tracker. Options for fitness tracking include Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, Garmin Vivofit, Jawbone and a variety of fitness apps.


Best Fitness Trackers (2017):

Sports Nutrition Counseling

Sports nutrition counseling assesses your nutrient needs based on the intensity, frequency and duration of your activities. Using the most current scientific information, we work together to determine a meal plan and supplementation to best meet your needs.






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