Denise Russo, MS RD

I found my interest for nutrition while working out in a gym in San Luis Obispo, CA. After crashing and burning while dieting for a bodybuilding contest, I decided to learn the right way to fuel my body for sport.  I studied nutrition at Cal Poly, SLO (BS) and San Jose State University (MS), with an emphasis on nutrition education and sports nutrition. While in college, I began teaching group fitness and still lead classes in many different formats, from aqua to cycle  and boot camp to stretch meditation. I also work with athletes, conditioning and coaching them for sport and providing nutrition education. Training for marathons and triathlons has helped me to learn tricks-of-the-trade beyond what is learned in a book.  Since 1996, I have been a professor of nutrition at local community colleges. My experience also includes hospital and outpatient nutrition education. 
What I missed in outpatient counseling was a lack of adequate time with clients to set and revise goals and a lack of ongoing support. This compromised individual success and lacked a holistic approach. Act of Nutrition seeks to bring people together towards a common goal of wellness, focusing on the four components: nutrition, movement, stress reduction and sleep. For those who opt for the weight management and wellness program, weekly group meetings will provide information on current wellness topics with support from others with similar goals. We also offer an opportunity for individual appointments for those who want a plan specific to their goals. We look forward to working together as a team towards a lifetime of wellness and health.
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Lisa Sheeper, RD

Lisa is a Registered Dietitian with almost 30 years of experience. Her focus is on individual and group counseling in the corporate setting. She has worked with all levels of clients, from high-powered executives, to athletes, to stay-at-home parents. In addition to a career dedicated to helping others meet their wellness goals, she is committed to her own personal health and that of her family. Lisa, a competitive D1 swimmer herself, is mother to three (ages 15, 19 & 21) who are active in sport, and is married to a pro triathlete who trains others for competition. Lisa is plant-based eater, following a vegan lifestyle, and will meet clients where they are on their journey to more healthful food choices.

Moe Teves

Moe is a Fitness Specialist, with certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training. Moe's interest in wellness came several years ago when, busy working a 50-hour work week and trying to keep up with two equally busy teenagers, she realized she needed some "time for me." With that goal only, she set out to the gym and committed to riding the treadmill. Many pounds lost later, she has never looked back and has built a career around helping others to achieve their fitness goals. She is competitive in NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitions and uses her own personal experience to help others meet their fitness goals.