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Food and Fitness 

Meeting your goals is best achieved with the support of a team. Our Food and Fitness accountability groups offer a 4-week (monthly) option for setting goals, sharing food and fitness, and supporting others in your group. In addition, Dr. Denise makes weekly comments and/or answers your questions to personalize the interaction to your group.

Options include joining a private FB group or a What's App group.

Cost: $50 per session (4 weeks)

Food and Fitness  


In this version, participants start with a measurable goal (usually a weigh in, but inches can also be your goal). The "compete" with others in the group. Dr. Denise offers a personal tip to each participant weekly. Winner gets bragging rights.


Cost: $75 per session (4 weeks)

Space is limited in all groups

Dr. Denise is busy supporting athletes and students but will resume limited offerings of Food and Fitness support in 2024.


Use contact to make requests about availability.

Want to create you small, personalized accountability group? We can arrange that for you!

The minimum group size is 3.

Denise Russo, Ed.D., MS RD, CFI


Dr. Denise is a registered dietitian with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Nutrition Science with an education focus and a doctorate in education. She is a college professor, teaching nutrition to undergraduate students. In addition, she is a Fitness Specialist, working as a Group Fitness Instructor since 1989. She has been educating students, athletes, patients, and clients about nutrition, fitness, and wellness for over 20 years.

Wellness in the News

What if it ISN'T everything in moderation?

Narrowing your food choices may be an effective step in managing or losing weight. Of course, the types of foods you choose will matter, too.

2022 Best Overall "Diets"


The results are in! Did your favorite fad diet make the list? Are you making choices that promote your overall long-term wellness? A few of these diets may help. We are here to help you, too!


The mindfulness skills Denise taught me have been the key to my ongoing success with my eating plan and with monitoring my stress levels. 

Denise taught me how to create the life I desire through good habits — whether they be sleep, exercise, or stress reducing self care — mastering them one by one and snowballing my successes into more success. 

Thank you for helping me see that taking care of myself in the best ways possible leads to the outcomes I desire. 

VH, Seascape Sports Club Member & AON Client




Other Offerings

Dr. Denise may be available for the following:

Private nutrition instruction

Team nutrition education

Add-ons to accountability groups

     Virtual Stretch Meditation

     Virtual Fitness Instruction

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